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Consenus Strategic Planning Protocol

Let's get everyone on the same page.

First we conduct a thorough examination and gain consensus regarding the project at hand before we make the "CORRECT" Diagnosis and prescribe the Treatment.


Depending on the nature, gravity,
and amount of work to be considered and to get this part of the process completed in the most thorough, efficient, and productive manner, we facilitate either the short or long form
of our proprietary discovery process...


The Sill Consensus Strategic Planning and Marketing Protocol.


Once we have made the Diagnosis, set the parameters, metrics, and budgets together, we present our "RECOMMENDED" Treatments for your evaluation and approval.

Sure you want the slickest, smartest, and quickest website, YouTube content, SEO &
SEM, social media marketing strategy and the rest driving it all. This is where most other marketing companies lose sight, continuity and the big idea, because they are focused on selling you their own...

This is where our experience makes the difference.   


If you don't "LOVE" our Diagnosis, & Treatment, we work on it until you do... or you don't pay the bill - it's that simple.



Treatment approved, having seen advance detailed outline representations of the work to be implemented, everyone now on the same page, you can work with us in the manner of your choice.


And you will once again have faith in your marketing strategy and...

Your company will continue to prosper and grow.

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